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Nivite offers unlimited entertainment including streaming movies.

  • About us

    Nivite is a brand of Sinkonen Limited.

    Nivite offers unlimited streaming movies at your fingertips.

    You have the ability to use our digital contents on all devices and at the same time.

  • What is Nivite?

    Nivite offers unlimited streaming movies for a great price.

    You can save on your entertainment costs with Nivite.

    You can access Nivite on all device, anytime, anywhere.

  • What Will I Find in Nivite's Library?

    Unlimited access to exclusive streaming movies. All of this digital content at your finger tips!
    You can save on all your entertainment plans with Nivite.

    Curious what you can find inside streaming movies? You can have a sneak preview by signing up for a trial at
    Enjoy the great titles from any web-enabled device — using your preferred browser anytime, anywhere. Always ad-free.

  • Nivite Plans & Availability

    The following membership plans will be available as of October 2019:

    STANDARD PLAN - Monthly Access

    This plan costs £26 per month. Customer will have unlimited access to all content.
    We are offering free 5-day trial for you to experience everything Nivite has to offer.
    4 devices can be used at the same time.

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